Friday, October 10, 2008

It'a like cramming for a test

I was re-copying my grocery list this morning and trying to memorize as much of it as possible. It's hard to hold the list while shopping with a little one who wants to hold your list. (I give her a list of her own, but it always ends up on the floor or getting eaten). I put my list in order of the store to make our trip as smooth as possible. I had several items that I don't normally buy on the list today. At one point, I was reading my list out loud before we left and I said to myself "you know what's on it." It's the same pep talk I would give myself before an exam. I guess school does prepare you for real life. Just not in the way you would expect.

Today's grocery savings was 22 percent of my total. Last week was 36 percent (although I had a free pack of diapers, so that skewed it a little).

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