Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You never know

My 14-month old is so much fun to watch. You just never know what she's paying attention to. My husband asked her the other day if she could jump like a frog, and she jumped. I was shocked. I looked up the "developmental milestone" for jumping and it's typically 19 to 22 months. I showed her how to put the shapes in the shape sorter and she did it after the second try by herself. She even tried putting the lid on herself. When she hears the word lion in a song and roars. She watched a Sesame Street DVD that was talking about the letter z and now she takes her jacket and says "zzzz" for zipper. She also like the letter "s" and when I tell her to "sit" she says "sssss" at me. Oh my, she's interested in so many things. My objective with kids is to do what interest them. That's not to say don't introduce new things, but go with what they find interesting.

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