Friday, October 3, 2008

Have you decided yet?

Alright, so here we are facing another presidential election. Seems like this one has been dragging on forever. I always have a hard time deciding (except for the last election) because I don't really consider myself conservative or liberal. Some might call that wishy-washy, but I tend to look at situations as a whole and go from there.

I grew up and currently live in a very conservative city. They do not like change here at all. In fact, I've recently watched infrastructure projects (that I know that have been in the works since I was a kid) finally be completed. And guess what? Because the times have changed, they aren't as successful as hoped. Change is good, but planning properly is better.

This election has given us two candidates who talk all about change. But each has a different stance on the issues. Each has varying experiences. Each comes from a perspective unlike the other. One week I really like the guy with lots of experience, but will he be stubborn? The next week I really like what the other guy has to say about helping the American middle class, but maybe he's all talk. Both have something to offer and I think choosing the one who will surround himself with the best cabinet will be most productive for our country. The historian in me (I actually minored in history in college) is excited that no matter who is elected, something unprecedented will happen to our executive office. And boy is it about time!

I heard a quote on the local news the other night from a random citizen who said ..."the policies and issues will change after the election because they always do. It's better to chose the person who will know how to make the best decision." I like that idea. Does it help me decide? Nope, not yet. But I think I'm getting close.

Go out an vote!!!

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