Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grocery Store Website

I finally got around to looking at our local grocery store's website. I tried it months ago, but it didn't seem to work very good. Now, it's great. I can view all the store ads before I go, print their coupons, print manufacturer coupons and plan better than ever. For example, tuna is on sale this week. I usually only buy tuna when it's on sale, so now I know I can stock up on it. Good thing, too -- I've only got one can left. I also like that I can print coupons before I go. I like to plan ahead as much as I can. This is especially important because my little girl has about a 20-minute cart ride in her and that's about it. By the time we check out she's had it. So, I can make my trip as swift as possible by checking out the website ahead of time.

Google your store to see if this will help you!

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