Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alternative to google eyes

I love using google eyes to enhance projects.  But I worry once they are hanging up that the eyes will pop off and a curious 
toddler may choke on them.  I came up with this idea for an easy way to make eyes for a project.

1.  Use hole reinforcements as the white part of the eye.  They are sticky, so this helps.  They are also cheap.  I bought a pack on sale for $1.04 a few years back -- it has 480 holes.
2.  Use black paper for the eye ball.  Scraps work good for this.
3. Cut a small piece out of the black paper that is smaller than the sticker but covers the hole.
4. Stick the paper to the back of the sticker.  Be sure to keep enough of the sticky part so you can stick the eye to the project.  

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