Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer Goal

I'm putting this under Organizational Monday because I think this will require some organization, especially since it is completely new to me.  In the house that we just moved into, the landlord has 10 garden beds in the backyard.  We love fresh veggies, so we are going to plant vegetables this summer.  I have never done this, but my husband has.  I have pretty strong allergies and am a little concerned with doing the "gardening," but we are starting to get some suggestions to help with that.  Mulch cuts down on some weeds. 

We started listing all the vegetables we would like to plant last night.  I also would like to plant a strawberry plant because those are my favorite in the summer and are so hard to find.  I really think my daughter will enjoy watching the plants grow, too. I bet that growing vegetables will also lead to canning -- another thing I've never done.  I think it would be great to have fresh veggies frozen or canned for the winter.  And I think it will save some money, too.  If you have any suggestions or references, pass them my way.  

Oh, and if you aren't reading my other blog, you will want to hear our good news!

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