Monday, March 16, 2009

A little sidetracked this week

Since I really haven't been posting as many activities and ideas for toddler, I'm going to do a little extra each day this week.  I also think planning ideas for kids takes some organization and thought.  So what better day than Organizational Monday to start.  
Here's an easy activity that could be done several ways. Print Shamrock here (just print the large one).  Have children paint or color the shamrock. Cut out and place around the house.  

Other variations for older kids would include printing it on green paper and have the kid's turn it into an animal.  Also for older kids, let them cut the shamrock out. For more shamrock ideas go here!

I had been looking for an easy way to place matching games on the wall without having to tape large pieces of paper to the wall each time.  I finally figured it out.  I bought a square dry erase magnetic board (on sale at Target) that is blue.  We screwed it to the wall at my daughter level. My husband used mirror clips to keep it in place and secure. With a little Goo Gone, I should be able to change the shapes without little extra work.  

Right now I have shamrocks on it.  The concept here is big and little.  There are three little shamrocks and two big.  

1. Print shamrocks on green paper (use the second and third sheet).  You want to print two of each size you want. So you have a pair to match. For example I printed 9 small shamrocks and 4 large shamrocks.
2.  Cut out shamrocks.
3. Laminate each piece.
4. Tape one of the pair to the board.
5.  Place velcro on the shamrock on the board.
6.  Place velcro on the shamrock to match.
7.  Talk about little and big (or small and large -- whatever words you want to use)


We sing the ABCs song all day long.  My daughter is very interested in the alphabet and knows a lot of her letters and sounds already.  Thanks to Sesame Street, Leapfrog phonics devices, foam alphabet pieces and reinforcement from us.  We're not pushing it, but encouraging it.  I realized I didn't have anything hanging up that had the alphabet on it.  I came up with this idea to help her learn the order of the alphabet.  I took it from another idea I posted here.

1. Laminate a piece of paper (color of your choice).
2.  Use foam alphabet letters and place in order.
3.  This enhances the order and lets her touch the letters, too.

Stay tuned for more this week!

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