Thursday, March 19, 2009

Toddler Activity -- Birds

We did this earlier this week. It turned out to be a bird day. I opened my daughter's closet and asked her what she wanted to wear. She picked a new bird shirt. We happened to be going to the pet store and saw birds that morning, too. We also took a walk later in the day and did some bird watching.

This is the project that we did. Super easy and really fun.

1. I printed this pattern here. I printed page 2 on colored paper.
2. I cut out the pattern (older kids could do this themselves).
3. My daughter picked out which feathers she wanted to glue on.
4. Then we glued feathers onto the birds. I put glue on the feathers for her and she placed them on the bird.

For more toddler craft ideas that we've done recently, go here!


jennwa said...

That is a great project for my preschool class. I love it.

Thanks for sharing such a fun and easy project. Have a great weekend.

Katie said...

Kids always love touching the feathers, what fun. I am going to make these with my two and a half year old, thanks for sharing.


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