Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yesterday we walked for an hour

We took two walks yesterday.  The temperature got just above 50 degrees.  A cold 50 degrees with all the snow melting and damp air.  But warm enough to get outside and walk.  My daughter was bundled up in her winter jacket, hat, mittens and of course sunglasses. 

We took a journey around our new neighborhood.  My daughter didn't need any toys to occupy her in the stroller -- just a list of things she hoped to see.  The list included: squirrels, puppies, kitty, cars, trees, people, kids, and airplane.  And we saw all of those and more.  She even thought she saw a cow in one house.  It was just a black and white blanket, but she was convinced and even said "moo" to let me know what she thought.  It took us about 6 minutes to walk to one park and then we walked to the other one and it took us 5 minutes to walk home.  It will be great this spring and summer to have a destination to our walks.  In the afternoon my daughter sat on the swing for a few minutes, but didn't seem to like it as much as she did last summer.  I'm betting that will change.  

Let's hope the weather warms up soon.  We love to be outside!

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