Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Double Coupon

I had a $1/1 coupon that was about to expire for Secret deodorant. This is my brand that I use, but I haven't seen it on sale anywhere lately. But I couldn't let it go, especially since it was a coupon for a brand I always use. So, for double coupon Wednesday at the grocery store I hadn't met my five coupons to double. I knew that Secret would typically be more expensive at the grocery store, but if I could save $2 on the product I hoped to get a good savings. Turned out that it wasn't that much more expensive, if at all at some stores -- a quarter if anything. Thus, I saved and got a product I really enjoy. Paid $2.49 for the new Flawless. Not too bad!

Other deals I got today:
$1.77 for 12 pack of caffeine free Pepsi (store promo limit 5)
$2 for 2 Dole fruit cups, 4 packs (doubled coupon for sale item)
$1.25 for 36 oz Heinz Ketchup (double coupon)
$2 for 8 ears of corn (store promo)
$3.99 for 12 double rolls Cottonelle Toilet paper (double coupon on sale item)

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