Thursday, June 18, 2009

Target and Customer Service

If you check out and notice that something didn't ring up right, go to customer service.  Yes, it takes more time and even more patience, but it can really pay off.

Earlier this week I was on a mission at Target to get a deal on Pull-Ups.  They have a promotion that after purchasing three packages at $8.99 each you also get a $5 gift card.  I also had two $5 off coupons and one $3 off coupon.  Making this a really good deal.   I've never purchased Pull-Ups before.  I've been getting great deals on Easy-Ups at Target combined with coupons. 

I picked up my three packages that were right above the sign with the promotion.  Turned out to be the wrong size after I consulted customer service after checking out.  I was happy to get the right size and the $5 gift card.  The manager went to check out the signage and adjusted the cost for me for the packages I had picked up.  They were out of the jumbo size, adding to the confusion  So I actually got three mega packs for the price of three jumbo packs.  Since he did the adjustment they couldn't give me the $5 gift card, which was fine.  I felt I got a pretty good deal.  I actually only spent about $15 on 132 Pull-Ups after my coupons.  The customer service rep even gave me a $3 off coupon for a future purchase.  It pays to be polite.  

Now I worry that I am so stocked up on training pants that my daughter will be trained to quickly.  

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Orange Juice said...

it totally pays to be polite. I try that first before the monster rears her head LOL


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