Thursday, June 11, 2009

JCPenny Deal

Yesterday, I went and had my hair done at the JCPenny salon (story coming on that).  I looked around the store after, and saw that they had T-shirts for my daughter at $3.19 each.  Great deal all alone, but I had a $10 of $10 coupon and from my salon visit I could fill out a survey to obtain a coupon for 15% off total purchase.  I went back this morning with my coupons in hand and my plan.  I purchased five 4T T-shirts with the hopes of paying about $1 per shirt.  Since we are pretty stocked for the summer, I chose the next size up for my daughter.  

Here's how the total broke down:
Original Price: 5 shirts at 7.99 each ($41.95 with tax)
Sale Price: 5 shirts at $3.19 each ($16.75 with tax)
After 15 percent off: $14.24 total
After $10 off coupon: $3.75 total (tax was adjusted to new cost)

So, I got five shirts for $3.75.  That is 75 cents a shirt.  Ah, that feels so good to get a great deal!!

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Melissa said...

I used my coupon today and hit some good clearances too! I love when I get the $10 coupon!


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