Monday, June 1, 2009

Packing for vacation

We are taking a short 4-day vacation later this week.  Organizing can sometimes be a challenge when you have a toddler to pack for.  On top of that she needs dairy-free meals, so we have to make sure we have enough food for her along with soy milk.

Packing Tips:
1. Start one week before leaving.  This doesn't mean get the suitcases packed, but make a list and set some things aside that you will need.
2. Make a list.  Include everything.  I find that when I am packing I think of other items I need to take and if I don't write it down, I'm likely to forget it.  The thing with packing is that there is so much to organize that a list is the only way to go.
3.  Take a little extra than you think you need.  Take a few extra diapers, a extra change of clothes and a second pair of shoes.  You just never know what can happen.
4. Use baggies for traveling.  I put lots of things in baggies from my hot chocolate to spoons to napkins to shampoo.  The baggies in return can be used for garbage, such as diapers.  I also like that it is a little easier to find things if they are contained in a baggie.
5. Anticipate all weather.  At least in the Midwest.  
6. Don't forget medicine.  I always take some Tylenol and Benadryl for my daughter.  You just never know.  We always carry some ibuprofen for ourselves.
7. Have some cash with you.  Sometimes you just need a couple bucks here and there.
8.  Pack cooler with lots of ice if traveling long distance.
9. Pack new toys/books or favorite toys that have been out of sight for a while.  This will help in the car and to entertain while vacationing.  
10.  Have easy snacks for the car.  Cheerios, raisins, and other things that aren't too crumby. 

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