Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look what I made during nap time today

My toddler loves to learn, but colors are not her strong point.  I don't believe in drilling or constant flash cards for kids.  I do believe in making fun games and activities that accidentally teach skills.  By no means should my 20-month old know her colors, but she does know her letters and a few numbers.  So why not encourage more learning.  

I made a color book during nap time today.  I had picked up a small binder a while ago on the clearance rack and finally found good use for it.

Binder any size
10-20 sheets different colored paper
Flower Pattern (found here -- I used the second size)
Laminating paper (or contact paper)
Hole punch
20 pieces of Velcro (or magnet tape)

1. Cut 10 pieces of different colored paper down to size. 
2. Laminate paper.
3. Label color on paper.
4. Punch holes in paper and put in binder.
5. Trace pattern  on 10 pieces of different colored paper to correspond with the paper in the binder. (or you can feed the paper in the printer and copy pattern on paper).
6. Cut pattern out.
7. Laminate pattern.
8. Place velcro on laminated paper in binder and also on pattern. 
9. Put pattern on corresponding paper in binder.

Games to play/Variations
  • Simply have child match pattern to correct color.
  • Mix patterns up in a bag and have child pick one and find correct color in binder.
  • Encourage them to say the words or find a certain color.
  • You can use different shapes.  I made some squares and rectangles with the scraps.
  • On one side of the pattern place the same color or a scrapbook designed paper.  Place all pattern pieces upside down and have the child play a matching game.  Find the pattern, then the correct page.
  • Cut out pictures from magazine with the colors.  Laminate the pictures and have child find corresponding colors. Older kids could find their own pictures.
  • Binder paper and patterns could include stripes, plaid, checkers, etc.  Scrapbook paper would be fun for this.
  • Patterns could change with seasons.  I actually am looking for a good truck pattern.

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