Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shopping at a Bread Outlet Store

Since we moved, I keep driving by a Sara Lee Outlet store.  We almost exclusively eat Sara Lee bread and buns.  I try my best to find them on sale and stock up, but on sale is still around $2.50 for a loaf of bread.  Last weekend I made a trip to the outlet store and
was pleasantly surprised. 

Here's what I bought:

2 loaves of bread -- 99 cents each
2 hamburger buns (8 count) -- $1 each
2 hot dog buns (8 count) -- $1.25 each

Total: $6.48

Normally I would have paid twice the cost or more for these items.  I brought them home and split up the buns into packages of 4 each and froze them.  This will help with our freezing meals plan.  With a small family sometimes we end up throwing away buns because we don't eat them all up in a week.  By splitting them up , this will cut down on waste, as well.

For more info at shopping at an outlet bread store, go here!

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