Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rainchecks and Flyers

Yesterday, sore back and all, I made a crazy run to two grocery stores in an attempt to save a little extra money.  One is a Roundy's store and the other is an employee owned store.  It turned out the stores are only 5 minutes apart, so it wasn't too much extra driving time.  I first did all my deals at the expensive Roundy's grocery store.  Except, they didn't have two items that I really wanted.  I remembered that many stores have rainchecks if an item isn't available.  So I got rainchecks for both the whole fryer chicken and for cereal that were a steal this week and sold out.  It's funny, when I asked if they had anymore chicken the butcher said "no" and I had to ask if they still give out rainchecks.  Don't walk away just because what you want is not there.  

I also seem to have a little advantage in my shopping right now.  The ad for the Roundy's store runs Thursday to  Wednesday.  I get the next week's ad on Wednesday.  Wednesday is also double coupon day.  So I can plan two weeks of shopping instead of just one.  I made three lists yesterday, one for each store this week, and one for the Roundy's store for next week.  There are items at the other grocery store (that is employee owned) that are just cheaper every day.  For example, Johnsville brats are 50 cents cheaper and my daughter's milk is 80 cents cheaper.  
Yesterday, I priced out items for next week's deals at the Roundy's store and compared to everyday prices at the cheaper store.  Sometimes even with double coupons the prices are cheaper at the employee owned store.  But the good thing about spending a little money each week at the Roundy's store is that I get my Fuelperks reward and that helps me save on gas.  

The outcome yesterday was $20 at the Roundy's store and $39 at the employee owned store.

I know I saved a lot of money with planning and I believe it's the only way to come out a little ahead.  It really isn't that much work when you meal plan and know what items you want stocked in the freezer and pantry.  

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