Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleaning the floors - ugh

When you have carpet throughout most of the house, it's easy to vacuum and clean it up.  But with wood and tiled floors, it's more of a challenge to clean.  I've found that cleaning the floors on my hands and knees is most effective.  The other day, I was spot cleaning some crayon off the floor with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  And it clicked, why don't I use that to clean the floors?  I did cleaned the floors yesterday and went through 2 Magic Erasers.  I think the floors were extra dirty, even though I vacuum and sweep and mop every day (or every other day for mopping).  Dirty just surfaces.  It worked great.  I love using the Magic Eraser on toys and other tough spots, but I never thought to use it on the floor.  I would suggest (as it does on the package) to test a spot before cleaning any surface with it.  I've never had a surface it couldn't clean, but you never know.  

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Melissa said...

I really love the magic eraser too! I did have 1 issue with it... I was trying to clean off paint and marker from my kitchen table and it was taking the finish off. So now I avoid the table with it. Baking soda works really well for that.


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