Thursday, May 14, 2009

Receipt surveys

Always check your receipt to see if you got a survey at the bottom. Most surveys are taking a phone or online. The incentive is usually a percentage off or dollars off. I frequently get these at stores such as Pet Smart, Victoria's Secret and JC Penny, which always has one for 15 percent off future purchase.  The last survey I did for Pet Smart was so simple.  It was a phone survey and only one question was asked -- how satisfied were you at your last visit to Pet Smart?  And with that I got $3 off my next purchase at Pet Smart.  The best part is that we buy dog food at Pet Smart that never goes on sale, so getting a $3 discount is really helpful.  My thinking is that $3 buys me a half gallon of milk for my daughter.

I often stack the 15 percent JCPenny survey with a $10 off $10 coupon that I often get in the mail.  It can create for a nice discount.

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Mommy Kennedy said...

Hi, first time visiting you. Found you through a mutual reader. You have some really great frugal tips. So happy you are sharing them.


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