Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thrifty Thursday -- Garage Sale

Last summer we had a garage sale and didn't make a lot of money.  This year we did better, but still have a ton of items left.  Most of our items were small items and the higher priced items didn't seem to go.   We made about $170, which isn't bad considering it's basically stuff we have been hauling around from place to place for many years now.  I parted with a lot of books and some cookbooks.  

Books that didn't sell went to Half Priced Books and donated to neighbor's church bizzaar.  I got $72 for about 60 CDs and 35 books at Half Priced Books.  Not bad considering they've been in boxes for the last couple years. 

The rest is going to a thrift store.  We are done storing stuff we don't use.  I am going to save a few items to donate in the near future to department stores that accept donated items in return for discounts on the department store items (some even go toward items that never go on sale in the cosmetic department).

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