Monday, May 4, 2009

Coupon organization

Sometimes I get so many coupons, I don't know how to keep track of them.  There are lots of ideas out there, but I think you have to do what works for you.  

I started a new list of all the "store" coupons I've been getting either by the mail, e-mail or from surveys.  On the list I list the store, the discount and expiration date. I cross off once I use a coupon.  That way when I trot to that store I can check the list to see if I have a coupon.  A lot of times I don't use these coupons, so I don't carry them around with me.  But there are times I shop at a store and come home to find a 15 percent off coupon in my pile.  A side note, if you do find a coupon after you make a purchase, just go back to the store and customer service will adjust the cost.  Sometimes, you can even do this over the phone.

Hopefully, my new system will eliminate multiple trips.  

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