Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All About the Kids -- Website Reviews


I found this website while I was pregnant and wanted to share ultrasound pictures with lots of people, but didn't really want to e-mail them to everyone. What are you suppose to do with all those pictures people e-mail you? So I searched for an alternative. I found http://www.totsites.com/, which is easier than easy to use. And it is free. There is an upgrade that costs some money -- $30 a year. For the free service you get a homepage that includes a journal, guestbook, fun facts, 5 MB of photos (I have about 75 photos upload right now), really cute designs, and the ability to send mass e-mails to family and friends. The upgrade includes more photos, more designs, video feeds, and few other things I didn't seem to need. Anyone who want to showcase their kids online in a private manner should use this site. Highly recommend!

Preschool Express

I found this website http://www.preschoolexpress.com/ when I was looking for a ladybug pattern. There are simple patterns with simple themed ideas. What I particularly like is that the patterns in the Pattern Station are three sizes, giving lots of options to do many lessons with the same shape. There is a variety of songs, art ideas, games and lots more in a really easy way to find and search. I like when I can find what I am looking for without having to click six different links and find out what I want isn't there. Great for finding activities for the preschool child! Highly recommend!

ASL Sign Language

I am a firm believer in teaching communciation at every level. For those who can't talk, they can still communicate with sign language. This webiste http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro.cgi gives short video on every day words. I usually go to the ASL for Babies tab on the top. Sometimes the people look a little silly doing the signs, but overall the website provides an excellent tutorial guide on how to do sign language. Highly recommend if you want to learn!

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Melissa said...

I love preschool express. We use it quite often.


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