Friday, June 6, 2008

Fern Grove

This time of year always reminds me of my days as a camp counselor. I worked at a camp in California for two summers and it brought me back on track to working with children. One place at camp was extra special. I found my journals last summer when I finally got around to doing a scrapbook (when I was very pregnant). The following represents Fern Grove -- a place where we talked about fairies, respected nature and did what we could to capture its beauty. I wrote it while I sat in the grove with a group of campers.

The light hits the select few branches in this grove few have been. Oh sure, hundreds of girl scouts pass through each summer, but no one else knows it's here. Hidden deep in the forest, the mighty redwoods share their space with the large overgrown ferns -- thus creating a beautiful, peaceful place. The appreciation lies in the height of the trees, the sounds of the birds, a running stream and the whispers of children working on drawing this amazing place. At a quick glance, it appears that the trees stand straight, but nature isn't that rigid. The angles and loose branches make each view unique, and one could spend hours looking in one spot while seeing a new view each time she blinks. That sunlight not only illuminates certain branches, leaves, trunks and ferns, but also casts shadows that move as slowly as the sun. Those shadows only add to the beauty. It's peaceful and those who spend any time here leave with a new connection to nature. It's impossible to see a whole tree without moving your head, and even when you look as far as you can see, you still don't see it all. A photograph could never capture the feeling one has at Fern Grove. The true essence is met when sitting quietly and escaping into the trees.

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