Sunday, June 29, 2008


I received several magazines free in the last year. And I subscribed to a couple more. What to do with old magazines?? I tried keeping them for a while, but getting back to them never really happens.

I started a filing system for teaching ideas a long time ago where I have different files for each month, for different subjects/themes and for projects to make. I decided to rip out articles from the magazines that were worthwhile to save, as well as interesting pictures. About a month ago I went through probably 20 saved magazines and took them apart. I saved recipes and put them in either my recipe binder or the food/nutrition file. I also categorized the interesting photos into different files, such as kids, kids and adults, interesting scenes, and animals. I hope to use them for writing, storytelling, puzzles, posters and what ever other ideas I can come up with for teaching. I also pulled any craft ideas and filed them in my art activities file unless they fit into a certain month or theme. I know that having this organized will just make it so much easier when I go back to teaching. I don't have a lot of extra time right now to do it, but I have more now than I might have down the road.

Magazines include:
American Baby
Baby Talk
Wonder Time
Family Fun
Everyday Food
Parent and Child (Scholastic)

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Melissa said...

I started doing this with my Family Fun magazines. I have been terrible at keeping up with it though. Sometimes I find it easier to just pull up the internet and look for activities.


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