Friday, June 13, 2008

Movie Review/Spoiler

Manufacturing Dissent

This movie looks into the life of Micheal Moore, who has done many documentaries. This documentary on him parallels one of his movies. For starters, he refuses to interview for the movie. How many doors has he knocked down to "talk" to someone for one of his movies? Roger and Me was solely about how he was trying to talk to Roger Smith, the CEO of General Motors, and how he was turned away every time. Manufacturing Dissent discusses how Moore twists the "facts" to benefit the movie. I've only seen Bowling for Columbine and Sicko. Any intelligent person would be able to see the obvious editing to benefit Moore's point. In Manufacturing Dissent we learn that Moore did not walk out of a bank carrying a gun on the same day he opened an account in Bowling for Columbine. There were 30 days of prep to have that happen as it did in the movie, and the vault with all the guns is many miles away not at the bank as Moore would like us to believe. Editing for purpose is fine with me, but editing and contriving to make money at the expense of others is not. Manufacturing Dissent ends by sharing that Moore did in fact talk to Roger Smith twice during the making of his documentary Roger and Me, which just makes him a liar in my book.

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