Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Extravaganza

I made a book for my husband's first Father's Day. The cover says : "I love my Daddy." I put a picture of him fishing as the sun was setting. Really cool picture. Then I put pictures of my him with our daughter. Each page says "I love my daddy because..." Examples, he hugs me, he takes me to the park, he holds me, etc. The last page says "I love my Daddy because my Daddy loves me." And it has a picture of the two of them cheek to cheek. Really sweet. I laminated the pages, punched two holes and placed two rings through the holes. He really seemed to enjoy it. I had to tell him he couldn't just stuff it away, though. My plan is for it to be book he and my daughter could read together over and over again.

I made him lemon bars on Friday. Yesterday we went to Red Robin (one of his favorite places) and we bought him some more dress pants and shirts at the outlet mall. We then went over to my parents and celebrated with some local pizza.

Right now he's out mowing the lawn, which I wouldn't find enjoyable. But he does. He loads up the IPOD and away he goes for a couple hours or more. He mows the neighbor's too.

That's how our weekend has been going.

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