Monday, September 22, 2008

Cleaning toys

I've just had a burst of "cleaning" energy lately. I've been just cleaning all the clutter the last week. Although I'm still not done (will there ever be an end), I decided today I would clean all the toys. I normally try to wash soft toys every now and then, and wipe down the plastic stuff when I can. I decided since my daughter had a cold recently to just do it all. I put all the plastic toys in the dishwasher. Fortunately we have a dishwasher that allows us to put plastic on the bottom rack as well as the top rack. I used a mesh bag (the kind you use in the laundry) to put those little pieces in that would surely fall into the heating mechanism. It was an easy way to get it done. It took longer but less of my time washing. We have so many toys.


Monica said...

I use the dishwasher alot also when cleaning toys its so much easier.

Melissa said...

Truefully I have never thought about using the dishwasher. Good idea. The kids love helping me wash them.


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