Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take a Hike

Yesterday, I woke up and thought what can we do today. We both talked about doing something, but nothing came from it. I concluded that taking a hike would be fun. We always like hiking and the fall is my favorite time to go. Leaves crunching, colors changing, cooler air.

We found a place to go about a half hour from our home. We took the stroller for our daughter (she's almost 14 months). The hike was 2.5 miles and she did good for the first quarter mile. Then I remembered that she hasn't been sitting still on our short walks at home. So my husband carried her some, she walked herself, she cried and she went in and out of the stroller a couple times. The trail was a little rougher than we expected, so she probably did like the bumpy ride. My husband got a little tougher workout pushing her when she was in the stroller. Despite the difficulty she had at times, she really did enjoy it. She would just smile when she was walking with my husband. The kind of smile she gives when she wants to hug someone. At the end, I realized I didn't even feel like I walked 2.5 miles. Made me feel good that my body is finally back on track. Even at the beginning of the summer I could barely keep up with my husband on our walk without getting winded. Baby girl felt it though, she fell asleep for the whole ride home!

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Anne Keisman, Green Hour said...

Thanks for linking to Make Tracks! Sounds like your family is on the right track! I love the description of your child smiling the way she smiles when she is about to hug someone. Beautiful. Be sure to check out for daily outdoors activities.

Anne Keisman
Online Media Coordinator
Green Hour


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