Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After Nap

My daughter is a terrible napper. She's not consistent from day to day. Sometimes there's a morning nap, sometimes not. I can lay her down and she falls asleep by herself sometimes, other times I have to rock her for 20 minutes. She could nap from a half hour to two hours. I just never know.

Most recently, I noticed that she's been waking up really cranky. My guess is that she's still tired. So instead of taking her out of her crib and out to play, I sit with her in her room on the rocking chair. She sits on my lap facing me, and we sing songs (finger plays actually). She gets really excited. It gives her a chance to have a little more down time and something to look forward to. If only she would just nap. Oh well, she sleeps pretty well at night.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

She sounds a lot like Ally. She was never a good napper either. And would wake up crabby. When she was a about 18 months she started taking a longer afternoon nap, so there is hope!


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