Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why walking is so good for you (and kids)

Since I just realized that it is Wednesday and I posted organization yesterday, here's my Tuesday All about the Kids post.

I take my 1-year-old for a stroller ride every day I can, weather is usually the only reason we don't go. We got the same route and take about a 30 minute walk. The time we walk varies on my daughter's schedule for the day, which seems to be ever changing. It creates a nice distraction for the day, I get some exercise, and she gets to search for birds, squirrels, dogs and butterflies (and sometimes the garbage truck). The fresh air is good after being in the house all day long. When she gets older we will transition our stroller ride to a wagon ride and then to a bike ride. It's very important that children see you out and about with them. Moving around and exercising creates a lasting impression and gives them more benefit than you realize. Sometimes it's hard for me to stop and go take a walk, but I know my daughter needs it. I am committed to creating as healthy lifestyle for my daughter as we can.

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I couldn't agree with you more! Sometimes I am feeling lazy but once I get off my lazy butt or stop cleaning I am glad to be out in the fresh air. And I know my daughter loves it.


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