Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random organizing

I don't seem to have any tips today, so I thought I would map out my organizing day.

1. My daughter is finally completely off the bottle, which means I need to sterilize and put away bottles. Today is the day for that. Our counter will finally be cleared up as we have bottle container and drying rack taking up lots of space near the sink.
2. Summer is just about past in these parts. I plan to go through my daughter's clothes (again, seems I do this every two weeks) and put away too small clothes and summer clothes. I have lots of pants for her, but they all seem too big. We might have to try some on so I know which ones I can rotate in.
3. Picking up around the house is always on the schedule. I have several things that need to be put away. Some toys for Christmas, bedding from when my in-laws were here, misc craft items, a few items I'm keeping from our rummage sale.
4. I finally am caught up on photos, but I still need to find a place to put all the albums. I'm going to try and conquer that today, too.

In short, my goal today is to get to all those things I never get too. Well, probably not all, but some.

1 comment:

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh how I need you to come and do everything you did for your daughter for my daughter!!

I need to make a list ... this is inspiring! Thank you! ;-)



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